Gem Art: Masterworks by Nicolai Medvedev

Nicolai Medvedev, Pueblo, 1998. Courtesy of Nicolai Medvedev.

Gem Art: Masterworks by Nicolai Medvedev

On view March, 3, 2023 – June 2023

Enjoy an extraordinary collection of Intarsia boxes from local Arizona artist Nicolai Medvedev. Originally from Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia, Medvedev practices and has mastered one of the most complex and intensive forms of lapidary art. Gem intarsia is the art of decorating an object’s surface with gem materials in an elaborate pattern.

Arizona Minerals

Much of the minerals used in decorating these boxes are sourced worldwide, but the most prominent blue and greens originate from Arizona. The deep green mineral (Malachite) and dark blue (Azurite) decorating the boxes come from the Bisbee, Arizona area, while the bright blue turquoise known as “Sleeping Beauty” comes from near Globe, Arizona. With the outstanding help and support of Jennifer and Charlie Sands, we are very excited to present Gem Art: Masterworks by Nicolai Medvedev and share the beautiful work of an international master-craftsman.