An Encounter with Edward Curtis

Come and hear Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) reflect on his adventures, tragedies, and triumphs in “An Encounter with Edward Curtis,” a living history bio drama.

A self-taught photographer and prolific artist with boundless energy and a passion for adventure, Curtis’s genuine concern for the effects of Western expansion on Native American Peoples and their rich cultures at the end of the 19th century caused him to envision an impossible project, one that would consume thirty years of his life and cost him his health, marriage and reputation. The result: The North American Indian. 20 volumes and portfolios, 5,000 pages of text, more than 2,200 photographs, and over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of Indigenous languages and songs – a magnum opus brought to completion in 1930.

Upon completion of the bio drama you will have the opportunity to experience Western Spirit’s magnificent new exhibition: Light & Legacy, the Art and Techniques of Edward S. Curtis. Reserve your seat beside Curtis’s campfire today!