Maynard Dixon’s American West (Oct. 15, 2019 – Aug. 3, 2021)

Maynard Dixon, Cloud World, 1925, oil on canvas; Courtesy of Adrienne Ruger Conzelman.

Exhibition extended to August 3, 2021

SMoW is proud to feature this exhibition — the most comprehensive retrospective ever showcasing Maynard Dixon’s life and artistic career. Dixon (1875-1946) was one of the premier artists of the American West, and a true pioneer with an independent view and unique modern aesthetic of the American West. He thrived in the raw beauty and remoteness of the Western landscape and its diverse cultures, and his iconic interpretations of this land and time form the backbone of the exhibition. Illustrating the artist’s range beyond the canvas, SMoW is honored to also display poetry composed by the artist, broadening our guests’ appreciation of Dixon’s deep sense of place in the West. Also featured is important artwork by well-known artists, Dorothea Lange and Edith Hamlin, who were both Dixon’s wives and companions, adding further storytelling perspectives about Dixon’s life.