Meet the Author – Chris Enss

Iron Women: The Ladies Who Helped Build the Railroad

 ~ and ~

The Pinks: The First Female Detectives, Operatives and Spies for the Pinkerton Detective Agency

February 24, 2023 – A 45-minute afternoon presentation by the author on not one, but two of her exciting books. Question and Answer session to followed. 

Chris Enss is a New York Times best-selling author who has been writing about women of the Old West for more than thirty years.  She has penned more than fifty published books on the subject.  Her work has been honored with nine Will Rogers Medallion Awards, two Elmer Kelton Book Awards, an Oklahoma Center for the Book Award, three Foreword Review Magazine Book Awards, the Laura Downing Journalism Award, and two Western Writers of America Spur Finalist Awards.  Enss’s most recent works are The Widowed Ones: Beyond the Battle of the Little Bighorn, The Lady and the Mountain Man:  Isabella Bird, Mountain Man Jim Nugent, and their Unlikely Friendship, and Straight Lady: The Life and Times of Margaret Dumont “The Fifth Marx Brother.”