By Beauty Obsessed: Gilbert Waldman Collects the West (Sept. 10, 2019 – Aug. 24, 2021)

Eanger Irving Couse, Tumbling Water, oil on canvas; Collection of Gilbert Waldman.

Exhibition extended to August 24, 2021.

This exhibition, on loan from Phoenix-Scottsdale resident and founding member of the SMoW Board of Trustees, Gilbert Waldman, includes more than 50 artworks featuring stunning content – diverse cultural perspectives, landscapes, wildlife and more – organized across four geographical regions of the American West: New Mexico, Arizona, Northern Plains and the Mountain West. By Beauty Obsessed: Gilbert Waldman Collects the West includes artworks by Bierstadt and Moran, well-known Western artists such as Olaf Seltzer and Charles M. Russell, Taos Society Artists Eanger Irving Couse, Joseph Henry Sharp and Walter Ufer, as well as lesser-known artists like Valentine Walter Bromley and Thomas Hill. The exhibition also includes important paintings by notable women artists of the West including Barbara Latham, Olive Rush, Gene Kloss, and Ila Mae McAfee. Many of these painters were from the eastern United States and Europe and traveled to the Western region – lured by the unique landscape, light, people and events. Come see this exhibition, which reveals the spirit of the West from the artists, as well as the distinctive vision of the collector.