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Plan Your Visit

Welcome to Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, where we celebrate the West and its importance by informing, educating, inspiring, and engaging museum guests. Saddle up and get ready for a wild ride!

We’ve got ample free parking available. Don’t want to drive? Take the free Downtown Scottsdale trolley– we’re on the line and within easy walking distance of popular restaurants, art galleries, and shops.

Our high-quality exhibitions and educational programs take you on a journey through regional history, shining a spotlight on the arts and the dynamic cultural exchanges that have shaped the transition from the Old West to the New West. Prepare to be amazed, informed, and maybe even a little bit dazzled by the rich tapestry of stories we unveil.

For the ultimate museum adventure, be sure to explore the galleries in numerical order. It’s like following a treasure map, but instead of gold, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for the West’s captivating heritage. And hey, don’t mosey on out without checking out our Museum Store. It’s full of goodies to help commemorate your visit in style.

Need a little guidance? No worries! Just click right here to download a PDF of our Museum map.