The Rocky Road of Researching Wyatt Earp with Mark Warren — 1 p.m.

No man is just one thing. No man has a spotless record. For a writer, balancing all the elements of truth is an artful endeavor. When it comes to writing about Wyatt Earp this process has been made all the more problematic by the bias of historians, themselves. Sanitized versions of Earp’s life fill library bookshelves. Right next to them are the condemning anti-Earp publications. Add to this a taciturn personality—a man whose speech was so laconic that most of his answers were delivered in monotonic phrases that only occasionally extended to full-length sentences. It would seem impossible for a present-day reader to draw a reasonable conclusion about the man.

Join us for a study of all things Earp in this program with author Mark Warren, whose research spans 63 years from Georgia to California. Warren’s trilogy entitled Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey is a story of balance, incorporating all the known facts about the famous peace officer’s life and his perspective on the principles by which Earp lived his life—and why he sometimes veered from that credo. His final book in the trilogy “Promised Land,” will be released October 16 and available at the book signing held in the museum store following this program.