Susan Folwell, Santa Clara Pueblo Artist

Susan Folwell is one of today’s most exciting and innovative Pueblo potters. Using processes grounded in conventional clay and firing techniques, she regularly includes symbolism from varied Native American cultures, creating designs that reflect a range of contemporary viewpoints on social and political ideas as well as traditional patterns. Her most recent work involves interpretations of the Taos Society of Artists.

Susan Folwell

The art of pottery-making spans five generations of Susan’s family, and includes artists Jody Folwell (mother) and Polly Rose Folwell (sister). Born and raised in Santa Clara Pueblo, Susan describes her early influences growing up, “My mother and grandmother would make me help them gather clay and chop wood for firings before I could go to the movies or see friends. For a long time, I wondered why someone would want to do chores for a living.” But the spirit of creativity and artistry prevailed, and her work has garnered numerous awards at events such as the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Indian Market, and has been featured in several books, including “NDN: Contemporary Native American Art.”

In this program Susan reveals her Native and creative influences, and discusses her newest works inspired by the Taos Society of Artists featured in her show “Taos Light: Maidens to Mantas,” opening at Scottsdale’s Charles King Gallery in April 2018.

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