Kid Gloves and Brass Knuckles: The Life of Nancy Cooper Russell

Mary Jane Bradbury as Nancy Russell

Who was Nancy Cooper Russell? The wife and business manager of artist Charles M. Russell may have hailed from a modest background, but as a self-taught businesswoman she was a trailblazer, propelling his career to the forefront of the artists of his time. From small town Montana to the social circles of New York City and Hollywood, theirs was the story of a unique partnership, companionship, and love that began with a chance meeting. In the end, Nancy’s savvy and determination established Russell’s interpretation of the West at the beginning of the 20th century as his lasting legacy.

Historical enactor, educator, and gifted storyteller Mary Jane Bradbury skillfully reveals Nancy Russell’s story with this first-person interpretation and living history portrayal based upon scholarship, research, and photographs. Bradbury has been an Artist in Residence for the Charles M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana, the Montana Historical Society, and the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson, Wyoming. She draws on over 25 years as an educator, author and presenter, and is a Chautauqua speaker for Humanities Montana and the Colorado Humanities.

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