Exploring the West with the Smithsonian, Part 5, Aerial America: Colorado


Courtesy Smithsonian Channel; Colorado Springs, Red Rock Formations

Get ready for a Rocky Mountain adventure over the state that boasts some of the highest peaks, tallest sand dunes, and largest single-site brewery in America. Every year Colorado attracts thrill seekers, music lovers, ski buffs and sports fans drawn to its Deadly Bells, Red Rocks, Aspen slopes and the Broncos’ Mile High Stadium. But it is also a state with a 13,000-year-old history marked by war, a gold rush and legendary bank robberies. Through it all, Colorado remains a feast for the eyes, justifiably inspiring the anthem “America the Beautiful.” This is the fifth of seven programs from Smithsonian Channel’s epic series of the nation’s most treasured landmarks.Smithsonian Channel logo